Keno Online

Keno online: A lottery game was previously invented thousands of years ago in China. It was brought to the United States when the Chinese came to build the railroads in the 1800s. Originally the game had 80 different Chinese characters. These were later changed to the Arabic numbers after the Americans adopted the game for their use.

Selecting Keno Numbers

There are many ways to select Keno numbers: birthdays, so-called “lucky” numbers, or numbers that haven’t shown up for a while, One method to consider is to choose the numbers that have shown up over the last ten games. The Ping-Pong balls used in Keno are suppose to equal, but after hundreds of games different things can happen to them. For instance, some balls might be a little lighter or heavier, even to a fraction of an ounce. A ball might have a pin-point hole or crack or some other flaw. There might be some imperfection in the manufacture that can impact how it moves up and down. The main thing is that some of the balls do develop a bias. Watch for these bias balls and try to win with them.

Keno Number Selection

keno online strategiesWhen playing Keno be sure to play numbers less then 11. The odds of catching 11 spots is over 62 million to one. That’s higher than the California lottery. They get higher as you go up in numbers. The odds for catching an 8 spot are 23,000 to one., they get better as you reduce your numbers. Also remember that the casino is only going to pay a maximum of $25,000 or $50,000, depending on the price of the Keno ticket and what the casinos rate book says. So stay away from those 11s, 12s and higher numbers, and be sure to read the casino rate book when playing keno.

The Reality of Keno Strategy

Although a lot of web sites on the internet do say there are strategies to playing Keno there really aren’t. Winning the big jackpots in Keno is kind of like winning the lottery and the odds are the same if you break it down. If you want to gamble whether it being offline or at an online casino you’re better off playing a game like blackjack or slots where the payout may be lower but your odds of winning are much better.